shiny little blessings

About Shiny Little Blessings

I started Shiny Little Blessings out of my spare bedroom in 2010.

What began as a way to express myself – my love and joy for life – a way to celebrate the blessings in my life, turned into gifts of love for friends and family. And with their encouragement, Shiny Little Blessings was born.

I make jewelry that speaks. Jewelry that tells my customers’ life stories. Stories of love, loss, compassion, achievements and celebrations.

It makes me so happy, to create these tokens of encouragement and love.

Having made over 30,000 pieces of jewelry to date, I feel so blessed to contribute to so many people’s lives all over the world.

Today, Shiny Little Blessings is a melodic blend of creativity, passion and a desire to grow and to give to those who need a little help. It is the free spirited essence of who we truly are. Our studio is a culture created for those who love what they do. We design jewelry that speaks from the heart, we take care of the ones we love and we are organically authentic.