sabine schoepke

About Sabine

I created a company that’s about giving. Giving pieces of silver to those you love, giving your time back to your community, and especially giving to those who have fallen and who are having a hard time getting back up. Personally, I think a lot about those who need food, shelter, and most importantly, a little love and encouragement which is why I created the Silver Spoon line of Jewelry where a percentage of the proceeds go to feed the homeless in local communities.

Jewelry with a Cause

Count your Blessings. Stay humble. Give back.

My Vision and Mission

Sabine Schoepke Designs fulfills the part of me that is a social entrepreneur. My vision for this new line, is to create beautiful handcrafted pieces of jewelry with the mission of addressing social problems, effecting social change, and educating consumers through the stories that come with these products.

My hope is to create a global shift through partnering with like-minded organizations and passionate individuals who want to radically change the world for the better.

Birds of a Feather…

If you’re here, it’s probably because you too have a passion for helping others. Together, I know we can make a better world. Let’s join forces! Sign-up for my newsletter for exclusive access to inspiring jewelry with a cause and tales of people doing good in their world.

Oh, and if you have a worthy cause you’d like to partner with, contact us at: